Our objectives

1)  To relieve hardship, need or distress, relieve sickness and advance education among internally displaced Kachin people.

2) To advance public education in the difficulties experienced by refugees as well as deprived and needy Kachin people.

3) To promote fundamental Human Rights education base on the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and documentation of human tight abuses.

What the donation does?

Present: Providing Shelters

There are 8,000 refugees in Laiza, temporarily accommodating in Manau halls. The refugees, many are with their family and have to live without any privacy since they arrived in Laiza. Due to growing refugees population, it becomes great risk for personal hygiene and other social issues. Therefore, Relief Action Network for IDP and Refugee [RANIR] consultation with the Kachin Independence Organization [KIO] is relocating refugees to safe camps such as Hpunlum Yang and Hkauna Yang so that the IDP refugees may live safetly.

Your donations are helping to provide shelter camp houses. The plastic roof sheet cost Kyat 1,00,000 [£77, £1=Kyat 1,300] per roll, would provide roofing for one and half houses. According to Mr. La Rip, a coordinator of RANIR, they can manage to relocate only 300 refugees so far to the camp. This is the most urgent need for the refugees fleeing for their lives currently.

With your donation, we will be providing additional 25 plastic roof sheet rolls for 37 camp houses in August 2011. We need more camp houses build, so that 8,000 refugees living in the Manau halls can live with privacy and proper hygiene avoiding the infectious deceases in the camp.

The funding for the refugees will be review every month in consultation with our colleagues in the camps and will provide funding accordingly.