Urgent update: Kachin State, northern Burma,

Suggested letter to your local MP.

Dear Rt. Hon Mr. Stephen Twigg,
Thank you for your responses to my twitter messages. I am greeting you on behalf of all trustee members at Kachin Relief Fund.
It is great opportunity to share the Kachin update news I received directly from the ground. Your Minister colleagues at the Westminster might not aware what has been happening in Kachin State, where majority focused on appalling Rohingya issue in Rakhine state. The UK Ministerial level have been able to access to Bangaladeshi borders and could assess the Rohingya’s situations but not possible to access to Kachin State and the borders of Kachin and China.
Since the Burma military broke the ceasefire in 2011, our people have been subject to numerous violations of international law, including executions, torture, forced displacement, forced labour, rape and other forms of sexual violence, confiscation of property, arbitrary arrest and detention, and denial of humanitarian assistance.
These types of human rights violations are not new to the Kachin people or to other ethnic groups in Burma. The Burma military has used these tactics to instil fear and control in their attempts to destroy our ethnic identity, destroy our religion, colonise our lands, and steal our natural resources.
Since last few days, my phone is constantly getting the updates from Danai area in western Kachin State. The Burma military tried to overrun the Kachin Independence Army’s posts while seeking for peaceful solution. Due to the Burma army military operations and fear of torture, the Kachin civilians abandoned their homes in Awng Lawt village in Danai area. The villagers include a pregnant woman with due date, infants,  vulnerable elderly and children are hiding in the jungle from the Burma army soldiers. I heard the voice messages of a pregnant woman’s relative, how much they worry for her without any essential facility for labour in the jungle. You wouldn’t believe the scale of horrific situation under Nobel PEACE prize holder Aung San Suu Kyi’s skin. Please see attached photos for your information and action.
Also in recent weeks the Burma military has killed three Kachin civilians.
On April 11th, Npawp Naw Ring (aged 22) was killed by a 105 mm howitzer fired by BA’s Danai-based Regional Operations Command at Awng Lawt village in Danai township.
On April 11th, Shang Naw San, a seasonal banana plantation worker from Laiza, was hit and killed by an artillery shell from 23 rounds of heavy artillery fired by BA forces stationed at Hka Ya Bum and Bum Re Bum toward Lang Ta Bum where KIA Battalions 23 & 40 are stationed.
On 14th April the military fired heavy artillery at Dumbung village and killed U Kyaw Myint Oo.
These are war crimes, but not one country has condemned these killings and promised to take action in response.
There is no shortage of evidence of violations of international law committed by the Burma military. The United Nations has been documenting these crimes for decades. A detailed assessment in 2016 stated that what may amount to war crimes were being committed in Kachin State and Shan State.
I would like to appeal you to pressure our government to support and lead a resolution referring Burma to the International Criminal Court. If United Nations Security Council members fail to uphold their responsibilities, the Burma military will keep killing ethnic civilians.

As your constituent, I am very proud to have you as our local MP that you have a strong passion to work not only for your constituency but also for the whole country and for the people suffering.

Sincerely yours,
Hkun Htoi Layang
The Kachin Relief Fund
Email: info@kachinrelief.org.uk
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