On the 30thof June, Dari Roi Nu died from pneumonia. She was just 8 years old. Her mother was forced to watch helplessly as her daughter slipped away. There was no proper medical care, if there had been, Dari Roi Nu might have survived.

She wasnít the only mother to experience this horror. In the same refugee shelter diarrhoea is taking the lives of two children, aged 2 and 5 years old. The problem is the lack of clean water and proper toilets, and lack of medicine.

These children are among around 16,000 Kachin villagers who have been forced to flee attacks by the Burmese Army in the past month. Burmese Army soldiers have gone on the rampage shooting at villagers, gang-raping women, and even young girls, and looting. The refugees are now taking shelter in the mountains along the Burma China border. They donít have proper shelter, food or medicines. The dictatorship isnít allowing the UN or others to provide the aid they need.